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You’ve had a great summer. But you picked up plenty of blotchy skin as a reminder. How do you “clean up” the sun damage fast?

IPL is your best tool for this superficial pigmentation blotchiness and it works on turning down the redness from spider veins that are enlarged from sun exposure too.

How? IPL is actually many light wavelengths in one. Pigment is susceptible to light, so both brown pigment and red pigment (from spider veins) absorb the light energy. Brown pigment (melanin) breaks apart when the light is absorbed and this makes it much easier for the skin to get rid of it. Expect the treated areas to look as if you’ve spilled coffee on them – then some light peel off.

For spider veins and redness, the light’s heat energy helps seal them shut so they shrink and go away. A few IPL sessions can return your natural and even skin tone both quickly and without the need for prolonged use of topical products.

More pronounced pigmentation issues are now being sent to the Fraxel Thulium Pigmentation Laser. A quick consultative assessment will provide you with a list of options that fit both your time schedule and your budget.