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Scars can be unattractive and can make people feel unattractive and very self-conscious. If you are concerned about the appearance of your scars, you will be happy to know that laser scar removal can often successfully remove or diminish your scars without surgery and with a relatively short recovery period.

We commonly use two lasers for scar removal, each with unique benefits:

CO2 Laser– The CO2 Laser is used primarily for raised scars. It is an ablative laser that basically vaporizes the skin to create a smooth complexion. This laser can, layer by layer, reduce the thickness of a scar and even out the edges of scars so they blend in better with the surrounding skin. In addition, there is progressive tightening of collagen and elastin molecules. Downtime may be very minimal.

Fraxel Laser– The Fraxel is a non-ablative laser, which means it does not burn off the skin surface. Instead, it targets the tissue under the skin surface and stimulates new collagen growth. This laser creates tiny wells that tap into the deeper layers of tissue, stimulating a deep healing response, but because the surrounding tissue is unaffected, the skin heals quickly. There is little downtime with these lasers.

To find out more about laser treatments for scar removal, please contact our experienced skin care specialists, serving patients in La Jolla and surrounding areas.