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If you’re tired, it’s a good bet your skin is too. Tired skin looks and behaves subpar when you don’t get enough sleep. Staying up late night after night creates those dreaded dark circles and forces your skin to go without the necessary repair time. Eventually this translates into collagen loss and the decreased ability of your skin to bounce back and heal after being assaulted by environmental factors and the sun.

When you hear the term beauty sleep, there’s a lot of truth to it and a great amount os scientific backing. So if you’re looking less than refreshed and luminous, examine your sleeping schedule and see what an extra hour a night can do for you. If there are other issues at hand, we can often give you a quick refresher with something as simple as microdermabrasion and a few skin care products that help your skin look and manage better.

But in any case, a good 8 or 9 hour night at least a few times a week will go a long way toward owning skin you’re proud to wear.

See a CBS Video about the effects of less than required sleep