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By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

Medical Spa in San Diego, CAThe signs of aging are a given. For many people, plastic surgery has also been a given. There is no shame whatsoever in undergoing a facelift to turn back the hands of time. Millions of people have done so and hundreds of thousands say they absolutely will do so “when the time comes.” Alongside those who are interested in a surgical facelift are many more who would prefer to age gracefully with the help of nonsurgical modalities. We can understand why. Surgery carries certain risks and incurs a few weeks of downtime. Nonsurgical modalities like Ultherapy do not. At the same time, results are not significantly diminished.

There are reasons why our skin looks older as we age. It isn’t simply a matter of getting older. When we reach adulthood, the fibroblasts that have always worked to consistently produce healthy new collagen get sleepy. By our mid-twenties, they are napping for the long-haul. After that point, the body draws on its existing stores of collagen to heal the occasional wound and to maintain the firmness of the skin and connective tissues. In addition to our stores dwindling over time, we also lose collagen when we spend time in the sun, something that is nearly impossible not to do in our beautiful coastal community. This is an important fact to understand because, when we do, we can see that we can address aging skin by finding ways to promote new collagen production. Ultherapy is one of the best techniques to be developed in recent history.

Ultherapy for a Younger-Looking You

Ultherapy was developed as a skin-tightening system based on ultrasound technology. To think of it as skin-tightening alone, though, would be to miss its profound capacity to rejuvenate the face. Tightening the skin alone could not make the face look up to 10 years younger. During an Ultherapy session, ultrasound is delivered to three separate layers of tissue, one of which is the same layer that a surgeon tightens during a facelift. In each layer, the energy of ultrasound waves transfers to heat, constricting collagen strands and stimulating fibroblasts to get back to their fundamental work.

An Ultherapy session takes about 90 minutes. The process can be more comfortable by taking 800 mg of ibuprofen about 45 minutes before the procedure. After treatment, the skin may look red for a short time and may look or feel slightly tight. Over several months after the procedure, fibroblasts continue their collagen-producing work, leading to increasingly more dramatic rejuvenation that can last a year or more. Many people undergo Ultherapy once every one to two years to keep their collagen-producing cells awake and active.

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