The Saddlebag Fix – New CoolSculpting CoolSmooth for Thighs

The FDA just approved CoolSculpting’s new applicator for the thighs. This new handpiece does not use a vacuum and custom-conforms to your contours. This makes it a perfect solution for saddlebags – which are notoriously difficult to treat. Easily trim down those areas that have been impossible to camouflage. Each area requires a one hour… Read more

Announcing Exclusive Product Lines

When Dr. Mani envisioned the new La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, she also envisioned giving her patients options for product lines that had international acclaim instead of the “me too” products that simply coast on their advertising budgets. It was only after an exhaustive search that the additions to Dr. Mani’s own products were selected. LCLC… Read more

25 Years of Wrinkle Reduction with BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic turned 25 this year, and despite growing competition in the wrinkle relaxer industry, the treatment is more popular than ever. BOTOX® Cosmetic temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles in the treatment region, preventing them from contracting. This ultimately reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the area, helping you restore a youthful… Read more

Getting Celeb-like skin

Your skin is front and center and when it’s not looking good, you don’t feel so good. Celebs tend to have such gorgeous skin all the time – even without the airbrushing. So what gives? How do THEY look so fresh and vibrant? We have two words for you: Exfoliation Collagen stimulation  Exfoliation can be mild as… Read more

Kim Kardashian’s Secret behind Being Wrinkle-Free at 33

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has remarkably smooth, wrinkle-free skin for someone her age (she’s 33). While she repeatedly denies using cosmetic enhancements to maintain her youthful appearance, it seems like she may not entirely be telling the truth. Kardashian received BOTOX® Cosmetic injections around her eyes on a 2009 episode of her TV show,… Read more

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