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Sugar as Villain

Sugar bad for your skin? You bet! Our entire body is in a constant state of deterioration and self-repair. Good nutrition, sun avoidance and a decent sleep schedule are very important in the repair process. One big villain you may not have been aware of is sugar. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup play havoc… Read more

Layered Laser for Skin Rejuvenation – Why the SP Dynamis Excels

SP Dynamis La Jolla, CAThe Concept of Layered Laser Problem: This patient, like many, felt her skin was beginning to look tired and “loose” plus she’d decided it was time to take on the acne scars on her cheeks that had long bothered her. She did not want to commit to a long series of… Read more

How to Achieve a Comprehensive Lip Augmentation

It’s easy to assume that a thinning lip just needs filler in the lip body. But many things are going on beneath and around your lips and mouth as you age and your lips begin to shrink. What’s Really Going On The substructures and skin surrounding the lips also shrink, making true lip augmentation a… Read more

Health News Article- Holiday Tips for Varicose Vein Prevention

Article Title: Holiday Tips to Help Prevent Varicose Veins Article Source: Article Review: Through this health news article, different ways to prevent varicose veins throughout the holiday season are reviewed through a local San Diego newspaper. Some of the holiday tips to varicose vein prevention include: Exercise on a regular basis- exercise can improve… Read more

Health News Article- Varicose Veins from Sitting Cross-Legged?

Article Title: Varicose Veins from Sitting Cross-Legged? Plus Other Potential Causes Article Source: Article Review: Through this health news article, different myths about varicose vein development are addressed. The main risks to varicose vein formation include, genetics, pregnancy, and being overweight. The appearance of varicose veins can be exacerbated from long periods of standing… Read more

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