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Nonsurgical Skin Tightening

Sagging, jowling skin is an inevitable effect of aging, gravity and sun damage. The loss of collagen and elastin, which keep the skin smooth and tight, results in gravity-induced changes in the shape of your face and neck. This is a clear sign that you have reached middle age. Skin laxity is the most dreaded… Read more

Liquid Face Lift

Nancy is 64. Her son is getting married in 3 months. When she looks in the mirror she is surprised at how old she looks, lots of lines and wrinkles, sun damage more. If she wants to look good for the wedding, she thinks she will need a face lift, but she doesn’t have time… Read more

New Ways to Resurface Your Skin

Resurfacing Your Skin Are you starting to notice that your skin doesn’t have the texture and tone that you wish it could have? There are many conditions that leave your skin’s texture rough, scarred, blotchy and irregular. Perhaps you had cystic acne in high school or spent hours on the beach with baby oil and… Read more

Kybella – Non-Invasive Solution for a Double Chin

Are you self-conscious about your double chin? Have you wished for a way to remove your double chin without invasive surgery? Why do I have a double chin? A double chin is caused by excess fat accumulation below the jawline. It affects men and women alike, and can result from aging, genetics, weight gain and… Read more

Your 8 Step Plan for New Skin for 2016

New Year New Skin

New Year’s Resolution or not, how your skin looks has a lot to do with everyday choices. We’ve set up a short list of mostly do-it-yourself steps for a New Skin plan. Anyone can follow these 8 steps to see better skin long term! Snooze or Lose – Believe it or not, if you’re routinely… Read more

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