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Laser Hair Removal More Popular Than Ever

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available. With the advancements in laser technology, unsightly or unwanted hair can easily be permanently removed. If you are tired of shaving? Razor burn? Bumpy Skin? Waxing? the solution is laser hair removal. La Jolla Laser has helped thousands of clients in Southern California… Read more

New Treatment Options for Acne Scarring!

Struggling with Acne? Or Acne Scarring? It happens to all of us, even celebrities. Celebs may seem to have flawless skin, but in reality, acne does not discriminate. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to bad acne. ¬†So it is completely understandable that many celebs have to deal with acne or scarring at some time. Men… Read more

Why Your Skin Needs THESE Vitamins

Collagen is a key element in your skin. It’s the primary structure and the critical basis for maintaining smooth firm skin. As you age, you lose collagen….in fact, a study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics demonstrated that within a few years or menopause, women showed 40% less collagen in their skin and connective… Read more

Botox – Fewer Wrinkles and Better Skin

Better skin with Botox beyond the wrinkle relaxing effect? Many of you have noticed this unexpected “side effect” of Botox and the other wrinkle relaxers¬†- Now there are researchers who want to prove it and a small Canadian study has already made headway. “What we don’t know is why patients who get Botox seem to… Read more

Intervention – Decade by Decade Guideline

A lot is going on as you age. You feel it, you see it. Every cell undergoes some kind of ongoing decline. How do you slow things down? How do you keep the outside of you looking at least closer to the age you feel instead of the age you are? Taking care of yourself… Read more

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