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Intervention – Decade by Decade Guideline

A lot is going on as you age. You feel it, you see it. Every cell undergoes some kind of ongoing decline. How do you slow things down? How do you keep the outside of you looking at least closer to the age you feel instead of the age you are? Taking care of yourself… Read more

Double Chin Injection Approved

Kybella (previously known in clinical trials as ATX-101) is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a “double chin.”  This is the first FDA approved injectable for removing chin fat. How Kybella Works The injection contains a  molecule which destroys the fat cell membrane. Once the membrane is “popped”,… Read more

Tips for Better Bladder Control

Certain drinks, foods and medications can act as diuretics — stimulating your bladder and increasing your volume of urine. They include: Alcohol Caffeine Decaffeinated tea and coffee Carbonated drinks Artificial sweeteners Corn syrup Foods that are high in spice, sugar or acid, especially citrus fruits Heart and blood pressure medications, sedatives, and muscle relaxants Large… Read more

The Dullness Dilemma

You likely well remember when your skin looked dewy and fresh…and you didn’t have to do anything! Once dullness creeps in, you notice a marked magnification of wrinkles, pores and any degree of sagging seems much worse. The problem is caused by a loss of light reflection. How do you get your skin glowing again? Young skin turns… Read more

Sugar as Villain

Sugar bad for your skin? You bet! Our entire body is in a constant state of deterioration and self-repair. Good nutrition, sun avoidance and a decent sleep schedule are very important in the repair process. One big villain you may not have been aware of is sugar. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup play havoc… Read more

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