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Nonsurgical Tightening with Radio Frequency. Learn more.

Kybella – Non-Invasive Solution for a Double Chin

Are you self-conscious about your double chin? Have you wished for a way to remove your double chin without invasive surgery? Why do I have a double chin? A double chin is caused by excess fat accumulation below the jawline. It affects men and women alike, and can result from aging, genetics, weight gain and… Read more

Your 8 Step Plan for New Skin for 2016


New Year’s Resolution or not, how your skin looks has a lot to do with everyday choices. We’ve set up a short list of mostly do-it-yourself steps for a New Skin plan. Anyone can follow these 8 steps to see better skin long term! Snooze or Lose – Believe it or not, if you’re routinely… Read more

My Story Video

“Be a Star” Video Testimonial Contest If you’ve been a patient at LJCLC and would like to share your story, here’s how. Submit a video telling about your experience at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic. Take your video via webcam or app or video camera. If your video is approved, we’ll notify you and post… Read more

Pre Holiday Quick Fixes


The holidays are headed your way – Ready or not! If you are taking a look in the mirror after trying on your holiday outfits and you don’t look better than the dress or the tux, there’s still time to do a few things that don’t take a lot of time and many that don’t… Read more

Treating Acne Scars a New Way


Amanda came to see us after frustration with treatments from other practices. She’d undergone a number of procedures that promised big results but didn’t deliver; some that had difficult recovery and side effects. Acne scarring IS tough to treat and has traditionally been one of the most difficult skin problems that a patient will ever… Read more

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